About Me

My mission is to empower empathic entrepreneurs to share their gifts with the world by creating sustainable and profitable businesses. 

My name is Elle Browning. I grew my own private massage practice from one client into a six figure enterprise that employed a team of over 6 people. As an entrepreneur, I’ve worked in the Wellness Industry for over a decade.

Not only am I a licensed massage therapist, I’m also a coach and consultant. I received my Advanced Diploma in Coaching from NYU in 2016. I’ve been working with entrepreneurs to help them grow their healing businesses since then.

I’ve had my own struggles growing my business from the ground up, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I know how tough it can be to build and scale a healing practice, and I also know that it’s possible to overcome those obstacles and create a thriving business.

I want to help you build and grow the business of your dreams, so that you can live your life according to your own values; things like work/life balance, health of your mind/body/spirit, and prioritizing time spent nurturing yourself and the people you love.

Photo by Johanna Austin

What I Do

Through online group coaching classes and 1-1 consulting services, I help empathic entrepreneurs like you identify your gifts, formulate a plan of action, and execute your vision.

I also know the specific qualities of empathic entrepreneurs that hold us back from achieving success and earning abundant income; things like self-doubt, lack of confidence, over-giving, and having a hard time setting boundaries.

I provide support, tools, and resources to help you overcome these obstacles and manifest your dream business into a viable enterprise.

Whether you’re a first- time business owner, or a well seasoned entrepreneur who simply wants some support fine-tuning your business offerings, I’m here to help.

Why I Do This Work

Because the world needs your healing gifts right now, and often the most sustainable and profitable way for you to get them out there is to be your own boss.

You can’t share your gifts if you’re underpaid, overworked, and exhausted.
Building and growing your own business is how you change power structures and create a lifestyle of integrity that’s deeply rooted in your values of self-care, work/life balance, equity, and fairness to yourself and the people you serve. And it is so possible.

Another reason why I do what I do? I’ve lost quite a few of my most dear loved ones very young, and in an instant. They were here one minute and gone the next. In my heart I know that our time to make an impact in the world is finite. I truly believe that we’re each born with a Greater Purpose, and with unique gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with the world. And there’s no time like the present to share them.

Does this resonate with you? Consider finding this webpage a gentle nudge from the Universe towards using your gifts to create the work you were born to do.

Ready to move forward in offering your gifts to the world?