The Workshop that Turns Overwhelmed Healers into Confident Online Entrepreneurs

“I’m working really hard, doing work that I love, but have a bigger vision of what I want to put out into the world. I want to have a broader impact, raise my prices, and stop trading my time for money!”

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but you’re still trying to figure out what you need to know in order to successfully move into the online space. . .

You have a strong calling to put good work out into the world, and you know you have a lot to give, but you’re running into roadblocks and can’t seem to connect with enough potential online clients. . .

Despite all of your training and expertise, you still aren’t 100% confident in putting yourself out there online . . .

But you know that you have an important message to share, and if you could just get in front of the right people you know things would start to click… But it’s just not working yet…

Then You'll Be Happy To Know:

There is an easier way to get you in front of your ideal clients, consistently and effectively – so that you can share your important work and grow your business online.

That you can get out of the frustration, overwhelm, confusion and exhaustion of working tirelessly in your brick and mortar business and undercharging for your services.

There’s a sustainable way to grow your business that can increase your revenue, profits, and confidence while saving you time and energy.

Because getting clients, building your community, and developing your online business doesn’t need to be complicated and can manifest sooner than you think when you have the right strategy.

You know you’re here for a Purpose, and you do meaningful work that’s good for the world.

You’re here to make an impact and you’re ready to build a truly sustainable, scalable healing business.

All you need is the right plan and some guidance so you can stop trying to figure out what to do.

And become the confident healer that you need to be, to build a successful business with a strategy for long term sustainability and profitability.

Which is why I’m happy to take some of the mystery out of building your online community and creating your online business.


and The POWERFUL Method

Without guidance, it might seem incredibly difficult to grow an online community without complicated strategies and never ending tech and automation headaches, making it feel almost impossible to build your online business.

But when you use the POWERFUL Method, you’ll learn my low-tech, simple process for creating a values-centered online offering, while building and connecting with your online community, enabling you to create a sustainable and profitable business for the long-term.

And the absolute best part is that this live 5-day workshop is FREE.

Hi! I’m Elle Browning.
I bring over a decade of experience in the wellness industry as a bodyworker, coach, consultant, and successful entrepreneur.

As a result of my experience, building a six -figure massage business and employing a team of over six therapists, I know what it takes to build a thriving business, as well as what does and does not work.

The POWERFUL Method of Business Development draws upon my years of experience and distills it into the most essential pieces.

I believe that the keys to building a successful healing business are connection, purpose, sustainability, and empowered leadership.

My passion is in helping gifted healers to achieve their goals and breakthrough their limitations so they can build sustainable businesses that heal the world.

In this FREE 5-Day Live Workshop, You'll Learn To:

Build Your Online Community

Filled with potential clients who are eager to learn what you have to share.

Build Your Credibility

Learn how to own your expertise and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Consistently Enroll Clients

Learn how to engage your online community to cultivate relationships with potential clients for your online course.

Scale Your

Learn how developing an online course enables you to grow your healing business in a sustainable way.

What does this mean for you? As a result of going through this workshop and taking action on the daily homework…

You’ll be able to use a simple strategy for consistently growing an engaged online audience of your dream clients, without relying on Facebook Ads or trying to beat the algorithm.

You’ll have a strategy that moves potential clients to join your online course or program so you can increase your revenue and profitability.

You’ll know how to use The POWERFUL Method for building your heart-centered online business in a way that is sustainable for you while putting your good work out into the world.