Rest, Regenerate, Create Workshop

It’s that time again!

A few times each year, I offer a value-packed, FREE multi- day workshop. 

I’m excited to invite you to my workshop called Rest, Regenerate, Create, taking place online Monday January 15 and Friday January 19th.  (Replays are available)

This workshop is for holistic practitioners and solopreneurs who are looking for support and accountability in discerning the next steps for your business in 2024.

This workshop prioritizes playful relaxation and exploration as a means to listen deeply to what you’re being called to create next.

This workshop might be for you if you’re asking yourself the questions:

⭐️ How can I create consistent forward movement in my business without subscribing to hustle culture?

⭐️ I seesaw between intensive productivity and absolute burnout. How can I move forward with greater ease?

⭐️ I have a ton of ideas to implement in 2024. How do I know where to start?

Our work explores these questions and provides a container in which you can find your own answers.

Again, this workshop is totally free and you don’t need to attend live; replays are available.

Does this sound like something that would interest you?