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Whether you’re a well-seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning to imagine the possibilities for your future business, you’re welcome here.

My offerings are designed to support you in creating forward movement in your life and business


The Next Step Program

This 6-week immersive group program supports holistic practitioners, creatives, and visionary entrepreneurs in getting clarity on the next steps to take in your evolving businesses.

In both our weekly zoom calls and the online learning portal, you’ll receive tools, resources, and processes to support you in identifying what you really want, and then taking the necessary steps to move towards it.

Get access to a step-by-step discernment process that prioritizes creativity, pleasure, and relaxation. Make connections and learn with a community of colleagues.

You’re invited to step into a sense of ease and flow with your work; work that uses your unique gifts, passions, and skills to make a meaningful contribution.



Connect with me for 1-1 support towards your self-directed goals. We meet live over Zoom to discuss your current goals, identify challenges, examine resistance, and explore how to build more ground underneath your feet.

I use both my training as an executive coach (NYU ‘16) and a systemic family constellations facilitator to support you in moving forward.

Past clients have gone on to establish their private practices, launch their online courses, book speaking engagements, publish books, and have 5 figure months.

They’ve also deepened their own understanding of what’s possible for them, and created more opportunities for themselves outside of their original business goals.




In these live, interactive group workshops, we explore the ways in which our ancestry, our families, and our past shape our present experience, as well as influence our notions of what’s possible for the future.

Understanding that all future expectations are based on the past, we imagine what might be possible when we leave behind what hinders our growth– and reclaim what supports it.

Workshops typically last 2-4 hours. For anyone wishing to explore a specific issue, you’re welcome to bring it forward and experience a constellation. These events are offered monthly online via Zoom, as well as every other month in person in Philadelphia, PA.

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